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Đầu báo nhiệt tại chỗ NQ-9F
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  • Detector has passed strict quality control and repetitive testing; hence its quality is durable and highly reliable.
  • Simple test method: Press test button to hear the alarm sound and confirm the unit is in normal condition.
  • Easy installation: Install directly to proper location without any wiring.
  • It is equipped with 9VDC battery, and optional 100~240VAC power plug is available.
  • Optional relay output : COM. NO. NC.
  • Optional series connection wiring can co-activate up to 20 detectors.
  • Mô tả sản phẩm

    9V battery
    Thermal Setting

    Standby: flash every 40 seconds

    Alarm: flash and beep continuously

    Battery abnormal: beeps and flash intermittently

    90dB / M and above
    Ambient Temperature – 10oC ~ +55oC
    Material Fire-proof plastic
    Dimensions 102mm(Dia.) x 55mm(H)
    Weight About 150g
    Color White
    Optional Function Type 1 : 9V battery


    Type 2 : includes signal transfer COM. N.O. N.C.

    Type 3 : Type 2 + Type 4

    Type 4 : build-in 110VAC or 220VAC plug

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