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Trung tâm xả khí AH-02120
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  • his compact and esthetic unit is ideally suited for a variety of agent-releasing applications such as FM-200, CO2, Dry & Wet Chemical.
  • Large unit accommodating more zones are also available.
  • Agent can be releasing automatically or manually.
  • System enables highly reliable monitoring and suppression control.
  • Audible and visible indication when system has fault condition.
  • Digital release countdown.
  • Mô tả sản phẩm

    220V AC/50Hz *Others also available
    Battery Capacity
    Zone Voltage
    24V DC
    EOL Resistance
    Detection Type Cross-zone detection
    # of heat detectors connected No limit *Except electronic-type
    # of smoke detectors connected 30/zone *Horing Lih manufactured
    Dimensions 420mm(H) x 380mm(W) x 130mm(D)
    Color Ivory

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