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Đầu dò khí cacbon QA-23
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  • Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas.
  • It will reduce the oxygen in body's hemoglobin and cause damage to the brain.
  • Our QA23 is equipped with a precise and low power-consumption sensor.
  • With high efficiency microprocessor-based analysis, it can be triggered under different carbon monoxide concentrations.
  • High luminous dual LEDs to indicate different status.
  • Green LED to confirm the unit is under normal operation.
  • Each visible and audible warning has 4 modes to easily identify current status.
  • Test button for alarm simulation.
  • Dual power input: 12VDC and 24VDC operation in the same unit. No adjustment is required.
  • Optional 110VAC or 220VAC adaptor is available.
  • Mô tả sản phẩm

    Power Source
    24V DC
    Standby Current
    1 ~ 25 mA
    Alarm Current
    10 ~ 85mA

    50 ppm : 60 ~ 90 min

    100 ppm: 10~ 40 min

    300 ppm: within 3 min

    Warm-up Period About 3 minutes
    Alarm Sound 70dB/3M and above
    Indicator Standby: Red LED flashes every 60 sec


    Early warning: Red LED flashes every 3 sec and beeps every 3 sec

    Alarm: Red LED flashes and beeps every sec

    Fault: Red LED flashes and beeps every 10 sec

    Ambient Temperature -10oC ~ +55oC
    Dimensions 102 mm (Dia.) x 40.5 mm(H)
    Weight About 150g

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