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Dụng cụ lập trình báo cháy TCH-B100HE
Dụng cụ lập trình báo cháy TCH-B100HE Bookmark and Share
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Thông tin
  • Compact unit, Easy to use Provides address setting and reading
  • Can be used on both sensors and modules
  • Has the diagnostic ability to display the analogue value
  • Automatically increments the address ready to set the address of the next sensor.
  • Automatically switches the power off after use.
  • TCH-B100-NS is designed for use with the following products:
  • ALG-V Analog Photoelectric Smoke Sensor
  • AIE-EA Analog Ionization Smoke Sensor
  • ATG-EA Analog Heat Sensor
  • FRCME-S DCP Fast Response Contact Module
  • FRCME-4 DCP Fast Response Contact Monitor
  • SOM DCP Signal Output Module
  • R2M DCP Dual Relay Module
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